Engine 1971 is the first due apparatus for fires and motor vehicle accidents in Covert Township. It is equipped with all of the necessary fire fighting equipment as well as hydraulic spreaders (Jaws of Life), cutters and ram for vehicle extrication. 

Year: 2001

Manufacture: American LaFrance

Model: Freig-FL70

Engine: CAT #3126 7.2L

Seated Positions: 3

Pump: Hale ALD 1500 Class A

GPM: 1250

Water Tank: 1,000 Gallon

Foam: Yes, Foam Pro-20 Gallon Class A Foam cell

Front Bumper Pre-connect: 100' 1 1/2''-Adjustable Nozzle

Cross Lay #1: 200’ 1-3/4” -Adjustable Nozzle

Cross Lay #2: 200’ 1-3/4 “ -Smooth Bore Nozzle

Drivers side Pre-connect: 1-3/4''- Adjustable Nozzle

Rear Lay: 200’ 2-1/2” -Adjustable Nozzle

4 inch Supply Hose: 1,000’

Deluge Gun: Yes

Blitzfire: Yes

Total SCBA: 6